Building & Restoring Communities

The Educated Edge specializes in providing professional development that is both youth and adult centered.



The Educated Edge aims to increase the emotional intelligence of youths and adults by providing training in evidence-based communication strategies that foster effective relationship development and conflict resolution.


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We envision connected school and working communities where all people have a voice in the learning and working process, an opportunity to engage in proactive and responsive conversations that allow people to know each other better and to value social responsibility.


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The Educated Edge offers an array of in-person services for schools, colleges and businesses throughout the United States, influencing over 3000 participants nationwide, three Rhode Island-based school districts and other educational partnerships to date.


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We are the only fully licensed and certified restorative practices agency in Southern New England.

Restorative Practices Implementation Program

Restorative practices, a three-year climate and culture initiative.


Enhance your program’s connectedness by effectively preparing youths, adults, families and community advocates in relationship development and conflict resolution strategies.



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What Educators Are Saying

          Traditional, punitive discipline often removes students from their classroom communities and doesn’t effectively address the impact they may have on their own learning, socialization, or on their peers. Restorative practices considers the whole community and develops accountability and self-awareness through questioning and conferencing. Melissa Ugarte creates and implements systems to facilitate these practices in schools, helping to strengthen teacher-student relationships as well as student-student interactions. Working with Melissa as a classroom teacher, I felt supported and valued in the discipline process, and my students benefited from logical and relevant follow up to negative behaviors, ultimately resulting in a more positive learning community.






Aarav Sundaresh

Teacher & Photographer

Providence Schools, RI

         When meeting Melissa, one instantly grows impressed with her demonstrated knowledge and experience in positively influencing school communities. As a result of her work, she has been contracted as a licensed instructor for the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP), where she will continue to effectively train educators in relationship and conflict resolution strategies. I find her relational, fun to interact with and a neat person overall.






Kevin Jones
School Administrator &
IIRP Instructor, IL

        Melissa is able to reach people. I attribute this to her clear, compassionate, and just professional demeanor. Her presence is felt among staff and students as she is passionate about fostering deep, trusting, and healthy relationships with all people. Melissa demonstrates this through the use of restorative practices as a way to promote a positive climate and culture within schools and makes it her mission to help staff and students become self-aware, manage emotions, and work through conflict. She truly serves by example of what it means to be an active leader to one’s school community.






Barbara Witbeck
Social Worker & Consultant,
Providence, RI

Building and restoring communities, one conversation at a time.



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