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Professional Development


Behavior and Classroom Strategies

This 6-hour seminar provides educators with tools and techniques for viewing challenging behavior through a relational lens. By providing participants with basic principles in adolescent development and verbal and non-verbal strategies, educators will confidently respond to disruptive behavior in a safe and caring manner.



CPI – Nonviolent Crisis Prevention Intervention

This one-two day program is considered the global standard for crisis prevention and intervention training. With a core philosophy of providing for the Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM of everyone involved in a crisis situation, the program's proven strategies give human service providers and educators the skills to safely respond to various levels of emotional and physical risk behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care.


• One-Day Seminar
Learn verbal and non-verbal de-escalation and prevention strategies for emotional risk behavior.

• Two-Day Seminar
Building from the one-day seminar, participants will learn decision making and hands-on intervention skills for physical risk behavior.



Restorative Practices Certification

Introduction to Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively

This two-day event explores practical strategies to build strong and healthy relationships with students, families, and colleagues. Participants will become restorative practitioners, registered and certified to practice restoration within their school community. They will receive certificates which can be applied to graduate credits and other professional development opportunities with IIRP.


• Day one involves interactive experiences that help educators understand the theory, philosophy, continuum of practice and the limitations of punitive discipline in developing social and emotional competence and behavioral change.


• Day two teaches how to hold and facilitate meaningful group discussions. Through video, practice and conversation, participants identify reliable methods for using circles to build community, establish norms and address relationships and behavior.


Facilitating Restorative Conferences

This two-day event explores the emotional dynamics and healing potential of restorative conferences as compared to more punitive approaches for high-risk behavior infractions.


• Educators will participate in interactive exercises that help to identify who should be invited to a conference and how to prepare conference facilitators and participants.


• Educators will learn how to reintegrate students who have caused high-risk harm back into the learning community.




Restorative Practices Implementation Program

We customize our services to address your school and district’s needs. In providing consistent training and coaching throughout the stages of implementation, educators will be equipped with practical strategies for building strong relationships and addressing misbehavior. Through our support, educators will become skilled practitioners, developing capacity in program sustainability following the initial stages of implementation.

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       Melissa Ugarte has worked in schools in many different capacities to support teaching and learning. She easily and naturally builds rapport with students as a warm demander in ways that result in students’ improved academic achievement. Through consistency, genuine warmth, and a true commitment to students and staff, Melissa has had a great deal of success in her roles. As a former colleague, I observed her patience, joy, and expansive toolbox of strategies that help students engage in learning experiences. She has a beautiful way of affirming students and staff wholly so that regardless of challenging moments, they are never defined by those moments. With these skills, Melissa has worked in collaboration with educators and administrators to build classroom and school culture and, in this venture, will be able to expand her impact to help equip educators and administrators with the training and skills to improve outcomes in their contexts. With her expertise and experience, Melissa will help educators feel more empowered in their classrooms to do the work they were trained to do.






Malika Ali
Highlander Institute, RI

Building & Restoring Educational Communities


The Educated Edge provides affordable, effective and evidenced-based training and consulting to educational practitioners throughout the U.S.


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